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Version 1.4 Released

HUGE NEW FEATURE: Advanced Search!

Job Sleuth now has Advanced Search capability to help you scour the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and Selected Characteristics of Occupations (SCO) for the job(s) that match the exact criteria or combination of criteria you choose. This is an incredible enhancement to Job Sleuth’s (already astounding) usefulness.

Advanced Search is perfect for all Social Security or vocational practitioners:

– Social Security attorneys and representatives can prepare their cases by checking their client’s disabilities against potentially compatible jobs to help guide medical development, treating physician questionnaires, and hearing preparation.

– Vocational experts can easily answer any “step four and five” questions by simply plugging in the hypothetical restrictions.

– Vocational rehabilitation specialists can find jobs their clients are suited for based on the limitations each individual presents with.

Below are some pictures of the advanced search in action:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 1, 2014 3.27.11 PM iOS Simulator Screen shot May 28, 2014 10.04.19 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot May 28, 2014 10.04.49 PM iOS Simulator Screen shot May 28, 2014 10.07.43 PM

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