Status Update 10/3/2015

So, this has been a really busy year, and because of that, Job Sleuth was basically placed on the back burner, sorry. Priorities like a beautiful new baby, exciting and challenging new responsibilities at my day job, and moving to a new house had basically taken up my free time until a couple of months ago. 

That said, having now had a couple of months of off-and-on spurts of free time, Job Sleuth is nearing a new update and I am really excited about it. Ok, this first update is mainly a face lift to take better advantage of the new larger screens on the current iPhones. I know, this is about a year after these changes should have been made, but I am stoked to be finally close to pushing this out. Here are some picures of the new app on my iPhone 6. 

Like I said, nothing flashy, but Job Sleuth is now a modern app.

Also, there are several behind-the-scenes improvements that will make future updates easier. Speaking of which, my next goal is to make the app Universal (a free update, as usual); first because it will be nice to take advantage of the big  iPad screen, and second, because it will finally show up when people search the App Store on their iPads (yay!). Once these updates are in place, I have some fun ideas on some new features I hope to add that will make Job Sleuth even more useful!

If no delays occur, the update should land in the couple of weeks.

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