Version 1.10 Released

I am very excited about the new features and improvements in Version 1.10, with the Advanced Search getting a major upgrade!

The Advanced Search improvements include:

  • Search for occupations by their Work Force Requirements (i.e. how much involvement they have with data, people, or things);
  • Search by General Educational Development levels (i.e., the reasoning, math, and language requirements of the occupation).
  • Change each search component to look for the exact value or the minimum of the value you specify (you used to only be able to search by the maximum). Have you ever wondered what are the SVP 9 jobs? Just swipe left and find out!

Other improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Better printing/emailing formatting to page-break correctly and adjust dynamically;
  • Added change log intro and version history page;
  • Fixed bug in Transferability view where hitting group information button would cause crash;
  • Fixed bug in color of email header bar; and
  • Updated all WebViews screens to have consistent theme.

Here are some pictures showing off the new features:

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