Version 1.7 Released

As of Version 1.7 Job Sleuth now includes the ability to perform an in-depth, powerful, lightning-fast, and Social Security compliant job transferability search! Use any combination of a job’s Work Field(s), MPSMS Code(s), SVP, Occupational Group, GOE code, and RFC to find transferable jobs lightning fast.

This is a feature usually found in desktop applications that cost many times more than Job Sleuth, but update your app and you get this powerful new feature absolutely free. Making sure the disability transferability search works correctly, efficiently, and in the user-friendly way you have come to expect from Job Sleuth, took a considerable amount of time and effort and I hope you enjoy the result!

Here is how the search looks, the results number is updated live so you always know how many results your current search will find:

mzl.pxrusdht iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 1, 2014, 8.23.35 PM

Once your search is complete, you can print or email the results, similar to a title or advanced search. Also, your search restrictors are listed in the header for easy reference:

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.19.22 PM

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