Version 1.2 Released

1.2: LOTS OF NEW FEATURES, including:

– AirPrint capability has been introduced.
You’ve been asking for this, and here it is. Best of all, this is not just a simple printscreen option; when you print a job description, you are given every bit of information relevant to that job, already organized and pre-formatted for quick reference and ease of use, and most jobs print on a single page.

– You can now email any job description from the app:
Share job information with anyone at the press of a button in the same beautifully organized format as the print option. This is the perfect method for users whose printers are not yet AirPrint enabled; just email the code to yourself (or anyone else), and print it from anywhere. (as the email is formatted using html, some email clients will throw it in the junk email box, so check there if it doesn’t appear).

– Sort Title Search and GOE Browse results by Title, SVP, Strength, or DOT Code:
This is another requested feature that enhances the app’s usability significantly by allowing you to change the way the result list is sorted.

– Clicking on the GOE section of any job’s detail view will now give all the GOE information in a subview.

– Enhancements to the user interface, including listing the number of search results in the navigation bar for quick reference, as well as a better organized SCO presentation in the job detail view.

Enjoy the update and remember to share your ratings/reviews (and feel free to tell other people about it). Also, though I am already working on additional features for the next update, I would love to hear about anything that would make Job Sleuth more useful to you in your practice. So visit the support page and email me if you would like something added, and I will try to get it in as soon as possible.

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